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Western Sahara is a Wealth Management company which was established in 2010. Founded by a young man in Coventry University who's aim then was to introduce the true art of trading. Starting with just a few investment portfolios we have expanded immensely over the years.

Now, we are a team believe that as an individual ‘You are your business. Grow it’. As traders we understand that trading is not just a job like any other but a lifestyle you take on.  It comes with discipline, consistency and high profit if you do it well. Western Sahara is here to be a stairwell to taking yourself to higher levels. With years of experience, our consistent equity growth in the market has proven to our clients that we are trustworthy and reliable which we found highly important when managing clientele’s capital. We strongly uphold client care and thus will guarantee such service for future embankments.

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At the Western Sahara Academy our students receive impeccable training as we teach them clean cut information. Condensing years of our mistakes to success into a 3 month training program. We not only teach our students the technicality of profiting from the financial markets but mentor them through the physiological aspects, allowing them to harness what it is to truly be a professional and profitable trader.

We are always set out to go above and beyond for every single stakeholder no matter where they are; having students worldwide it is important for us to provide an environment which maintains the values of a team and trading community. Hosting weekly analysis webinars we continuously strive not only to teach but to encourage, motivate, and inspire our students. Western Sahara finds it vastly important for students to invest in themselves whilst still in education and so we started an awareness campaign to showcase that financial traders are not just those who sit at their offices in Canary wharf or Wall Street but can begin with a student in their room. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 12 Universities in 12 months, sharing our knowledge and real time experience. It is time for us to have the ability to take hold of our financial freedom.   Who ever you are, where ever you are, Western Sahara is committed to your success.

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Discover an award-winning safe trading environment, founded on the proven philosophy of success through security.

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